[Remote] Senior JS and Infra-savvy Developer (based in the Americas / GMT-5)

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Are you an exceptionally strong, mid- to senior-level developer* with an independent mindset? Do you want to work remotely on challenging projects within a great community? Sounds like you’ll be a great fit for Clearview. With us, you’ll actively drive code review and architecture choices -- as well as mentor our other engineers and be key in directing the evolution of our projects.

We’re looking for a developer in the GMT -5 time zone (or adjacent) to sync up with our existing team. Vitally, this person must take responsibility as the immediate primary responder to alerts and incidents, acknowledging said alerts/incidents, and creating a JIRA ticket with relevant information. This dev’s window of primary responsibility for alert/incident response will be from 19:00 to 07:00 GMT +7 (which is 07:00 to 19:00 GMT -5, naturellement).

Hand in hand with an ironclad sense of personal responsibility around responding quickly, efficiently and thoroughly to these alerts/requests, we need this developer to be able to manage and maintain the project code base and infrastructure. The project is integrated with several data sources. We need to have someone to be able to support and maintain those integrations as we keep improving (and integrate with new, additional data sources).

You’ll need to be:

  • Fluent in the English language, both spoken and written (however: we don’t mind which version of the English language it is)
  • A proactive, thorough and enjoyable communicator
  • A fully proactive and self-directed time-management expert

What we expect of you:

  • Demonstrate proficiency in server-side Javascript and its libraries: NodeJS + Express / Koa, IORedis and Mongodb
  • Demonstrate proficiency (from experience) with pubsub or message queues: GCP PubSub, RabbitMQ
  • Demonstrate experience (or high-level knowledge) w/Google Cloud Platform or AWS
  • Demonstrate thorough knowledge of code versioning tools tools (such as Git)
  • Write meaningful tests. (Definitively: This work is not just about writing tests for the sake of writing tests, or to improve coverage, it’s about writing tests that are meaningful to the feature and how it is going to be used. ie: Integration tests.)
  • Feed back. You consider PRs and peer reviews to be very important.
  • Participate in design sessions with your team members, coming up with the optimum technical solution that not only meets the business requirements, but does so with performance, scalability, and maintainability in mind.
  • Write documentation: Specifically, thorough and efficient technical documents/requirements and post-mortems, and present them well to your team.
  • Innovate. There’s always something we can improve upon, whether it be process or tools or technology choices. Maybe a Slackbot? If you can dream it, you get to build it.

It would be awesome if:

  • You have some experience working remotely (but if you’re a truly great communicator with rock-solid reliability and you’re curious about making the leap to remote, we’ll guide you through it)
  • You can write Typescript
  • You’ve worked with ETL projects
  • You’ve worked with Kubernetes
  • You understand how service mesh works
  • You have front-end experience w/ Vue, React
  • You have front-end state management w/ Redux or Vuex
  • You understand the AWS / DO / Azure services and ecosystem.

*Medium-level developers welcome to apply if strong in the required skills, able to jump into projects and adapt quickly

How we work

Why people join Clearview? To make an impact. To grow themselves. To be surrounded by developers who they can learn from. We are truly excited to be creating waves in an industry under transformation.

True innovation comes from an exchange of knowledge across all of our teams. To put people on the path from success, we nurture a culture built on trust, collaboration, and personal growth. You will work in small feature-based cross-functional teams and be empowered to take ownership.

We make a point of constantly evolving our experience and skills. We value diverse perspectives and fostering personal growth by challenging everyone to push beyond our comfort level and try something new. The result? We produce meaningful work.