We buildtechnology 

We’re a remote-first, distributed software company with team members spread across the globe.
We help startups and scaling companies build products and grow their engineering teams.

We specialize in partnering up for the long haul.

With clients...

We seek ongoing partnerships that lead to a deep understanding of your business domain and mutual, shared growth.

...and colleagues

We’re looking for team members to join our community for the long-term, developing relationships that support our personal development and foster a healthy work environment.

More than fifteen years after it was founded, the philosophy that Clearview was founded on is still going strong:

We keep it remote -- and, for us, that's not new. We've done so for 15 years (and counting).
We prioritize connection through open communication, mutual support, regional meetups and summits and communication and leadership training. We’re all about personal growth.
We're stack-agnostic -- if we're not already working with your preferred tech, we'll build you a team that does.
We’re invested in community. We organize dinners, beers, coffees, meetups, actually-really-quite-rad summits (think: Clearview sailing trips on the Med).
We don’t stress out over work. (We produce better work when we’re healthy.)
We respect and celebrate personal and cultural differences. We value them for the insights they bring to improve our work and strengthen our community.
free time
We keep a lot of free time for the activities we love. (We fly paragliders; jump out of planes; ski the world’s best mountains; we adventure.)
We build teams that work deeply and collaborate as core decision-makers, both in the company and the products we build.
We have a straightforward management approach -- we trust our teams to set and keep their own goals and deadlines, honing in on processes that fit each project to the people that power them.
Clients and partners love us because the more they invest in us, the more we invest back in them. We’re a bunch of people you’re going to like, working on stuff you’re going to like, and we want you with us for a long time.

What our clients and partners say about Clearview

We have worked with Clearview for six months and are happy about the results. We appreciate their dedication, both on a personal level from the management team as well as from the individual developers. Especially their commitment to finding new and re-evaluating the fit of their developers for our project is something we haven’t experienced with any other agency before. We would definitely recommend working with Clearview - especially if you want to build a longer term relationship.

Christin Grube
Product Owner, Crowdfox GmbH

What our clients and partners say about Clearview

Frank Gladstone!

Frank Gladstone
Executive Director, ASIFA-Hollywood

What our clients and partners say about Clearview

We brought in Clearview to collaborate on building third party tools for certain customer requests that were outside of the scope of our product. Brett and team were a true pleasure to work with! They’re positive, patient, highly communicative, and were able to leap over any hurdle in our way. Best of all, they hit every deadline we agreed on within our scoped budget. Definitely looking forward to our next project together!

Dylan Avatar
Head of Business Development, Merit

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What our team says about Clearview

I was very sceptical before accepting the job, since I haven't worked from home before, but my lovely teammates at Clearview made me feel like I'm at home working from home. I didn't realize before how freeing it is not being office-bound. I get to travel the world, all while hacking away.

Adnan Kicin
Software Engineer

What our team says about Clearview

Working with Clearview has helped me to re-define the way I look at work. The team is supportive and easy to interact with. Working remote has helped me to realise that for me home is more than just a physical location, it is a state of mind. A place where I can do my best work and still have the focus for the things in my personal life that are important to me.

Andi Greyling
Operations Manager

What our team says about Clearview

Joining Clearview has been a life-changing experience. Not only have I met very cool and supportive colleagues, but also I’ve made real friends. I have the ability to work from anywhere and that’s a huge boost to my creativity - which is the most important tool in every designer’s toolkit. We have twice-yearly summits where we meet, discuss new ideas, projects and — most importantly — have fun.

Adnan Puzic
Lead Designer

What our team says about Clearview

The Clearview team is a very supportive group of knowledgeable individuals, led by visionary management. We are able to give our best in a creative, healthy environment. There’s plenty of room and support for personal growth in a variety of directions -- and all the while we’re able tomaintain a healthy and positive work-life balance.

Aid Arslanagic
Senior Software Engineer

What our team says about Clearview

There’s no place like home.” That is the best advantage since joining Clearview. I can work from home, and Clearview gives me real working-hours flexibility. As a dad of two kids, I can spend more time with my family, watching them grow up -- not to mention that I have supportive teammates, and I learn a lot from them. Working with Clearview is challenging yet exciting, and the company appreciates our hard work.

Deniel Ariezona
Software Engineer

What our team says about Clearview

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Greg Tandiono
Team Lead & Senior Software Engineer

What our team says about Clearview

Clearview has a positive company culture that ensures everyone knows their work is meaningful. Working with Clearview also gives me the freedom to choose how I invest my time and energy. I frequently work in the morning, enjoy the day or take a nap with my cat and work more around night time. If I work best at 2:00 a.m., it’s not a problem!

Putri Dian Nitami

What our team says about Clearview

Most of the time, I am still traveling in my own country, but here I’m working with a company that can realize my traveling bucket list one by one, going around to meet different cultures. My coworkers at Clearview are also very supportive and fun, even though only a few have ever met me in person. By having colleagues from different countries, I also have a new bucket list — to visit their countries. Now my adventurous spirit is on fire.

Januar Fonti
Front-End Developer

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